As a manufacturer of high quality embroidery threads, MADEIRA is naturally also involved in the development of top grade bobbin threads.

MADEIRA understands the concerns and needs of the embroidery industry with regard to underthreads, and take the issues very seriously. It’s not without reason that MADEIRA has a patent for an automatic bobbin changer!

MADEIRA bobbin threads are a guarantee for perfect embroidery. All harmonize with our complete range of top threads and of course are the same high quality. Which means outstanding performance.

MADEIRA’ s objectives are clear – even more quality thread on bobbins ensures efficiencies and even less downtime.

For a wide choice to complement every top thread and for perfect results, MADEIRA offers different thicknesses of bobbin thread (Polyester).


BURMILON No.120/2 Another classic in the MADEIRA underthread range, 100% Polyester Burmilon 120/2 (70 x 2 denier, 80 x 2 decitex) can be used for all
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BURMILON No.200 The finest polyester underthread (140 x 1 denier, 150 x 1 decitex) which allows maximum thread on the bobbins, so less frequent bobbin changes.
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Royal Pre-wound bobbin thread Prewound bobbins eliminate the need to wind down underthreads. MADEIRA winds the thread for you! What is more, the bobbins are
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Magna Glide

Magna Glide MADEIRA has included in the programme a brand new pre-wound bobbin thread: MAGNA-GLIDE Why this new bobbin thread? With Magna-Glide you do not
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