A Heritage of Trading Excellence

At Fashion Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd we share with our valued customers, Suppliers and partners a heritage of trading excellence as well as our vision for future growth in the arena of trade and commerce. As a trading company related to Ahmad Shah Family, we can trace our roots back to the colonial times of British rule in South Asia.

Our story began in 1940s when Syed Ahmad Shah (1900-1983), founders of our group first established a trading company under the name of International Traders Limited in Karachi. For many years the company operated successfully as a trading house and represented major European and American firms such as Ericsson (Sweden), Caterpillar (USA) and Chrysler (USA). Mr. Ahmad Shah moved to Lahore in 1961. International Traders (Lahore) Limited was incorporated in 1961. Alcot Ltd. was incorporated in 1983 as a group company of Ahmad Shah Family. The name was changed to Fashion Clothing (Pvt) Ltd. in 1996. Founded on strong principles of exceptional customer service and years of experience, Fashion Clothing sought to consolidate its business relations with its valued customers.