The finest polyester underthread (140 x 1 denier, 150 x 1 decitex) which allows maximum thread on the bobbins, so less frequent bobbin changes.

Perfect for all types of fabric, with maximum output at minimum cost – MADEIRA’s Burmilon 200 is the ultimate choice for professional embroidery. Burmilon 200 can even be used as a sewing thread on delicate fabrics too.

Care Instructions

Wash at 95°C Bleaching allowed Tumble drying (low temperature) Iron at medium temperature Gentle cleaning with PCE
Aktivchlor: max 20g/l - max. 30°C - max. 30min

7500m (Cone)

  • Art. No. 3051
  • dtex 150     den 135
  • 100% polyester
  • white and black