Pre-wound bobbin thread

Prewound bobbins eliminate the need to wind down underthreads. MADEIRA winds the thread for you! What is more, the bobbins are wound at such a tension that there is an optimum 120.7m (132yds) on each bobbin. Not only extra thread, each bobbin should run for the same length of time, so minimizing downtime for bobbin changes!

MADEIRA’s prewound bobbins are paper sided. Available in ‘L’ style.

Care Instructions

Wash at 95°C Bleaching allowed Tumble drying (low temperature) Iron at medium temperature Gentle cleaning with PCE
Aktivchlor: max 20g/l - max. 30°C - max. 30min

120m (Spool)

  • Art. No. 3051
  • dtex 75 x 2     den 68 x 2
  • 100% polyester
  • white and black
  • 144 Spools per box