Magna Glide

MADEIRA has included in the programme a brand new pre-wound bobbin thread: MAGNA-GLIDE

Why this new bobbin thread? With Magna-Glide you do not have to worry about the tension. Once the bobbin is inside the case and the initial tension set, the bobbin will run consistently right to the end. What´s new? In Europe the concept of bobbin thread on a magnetic core is new. With standard bobbins, as they run down their reduced weight often creates vibrations within the bobbin case which can cause over spin and backlash. A magnetic core holds the bobbin tight within the case, so eliminates this problem. Your advantages No more interruptions to make tension adjustments. You save time! The constant tension allows increased stitch production with the same amount of bobbin thread. You save money!

Care Instructions

Wash at 95°C Bleaching allowed Tumble drying (low temperature) Iron at medium temperature Gentle cleaning with PCE
Aktivchlor: max 20g/l - max. 30°C - max. 30min

ca.120m (Spool)

  • Art. No. 310
  • Pre-wound Bobbin Thread
  • With Magnetic code, not papersided
  • dtex 75 x 2     den 68 x 2
  • 100% polyester
  • white and black
  • 100 spools per box