MADEIRA’s Metallic Threads meet the highest requirements regarding the variety of colours, thread counts – and of course quality.

MADEIRA fully understands embroidery and decorative needs in the industry, which is why we offer such a glorious mix of colours and counts.

An Embroidery made with metallic threads is sophisticated, lavish and precious, which means a wide choice of threads is a necessity.  MADEIRA offers this choice.

Because they are more difficult to work with than the Viscose or Polyester threads, metallic threads must also be of perfect quality to ensure optimum use on machines.  MADEIRA guarantees this quality.

Unique and worldwide, MADEIRA offers seven different thread counts and types.  From the finest metallic thread to heavy No. 15 and from smooth to textured yarn.

MADEIRA’s metallics are in a wide variety of Golds, Silvers and precious metals, dazzling Jewel and iridescent tones, multicolours and lovely subtle elegant shades in seven different ranges!

Like all other MADEIRA threads, MADEIRA metallics can be used for embroidery and decorative stitching on anything from lingerie and sports fashion through to jeans, coats, shoes and homewares.  Not only this, one of MADEIRA’s special Metallics can even be chlorine and stone washed.  MADEIRA can be relied upon for quality, range and end use.

Special consideration:
For embroideries onto leather or plastic materials it is necessary to use metallic embroidery threads, which are resistant to oxidation caused by tannic acid or aggressive chemicals.

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FS No. 8

FS No.8 The Accentuator. This five-ply sewing thread is 50% thicker than FS No.12 and features the same first-rate fastness and durability. FS No.8 accentuates
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FS No.10

FS No.10 The Opulent. This five-ply metallic thread is 50% thicker than FS No.15 and excellent for applications requiring a special sewing thread with a
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FS No.12

FS No.12 The Determinator. The world's most abrasion resistant sewing thread due to exclusive twist construction and special double-layer protection. Can be washed at 95°C
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FS No.15

FS No.15 Decorative and Strong! The optimum solution for decorative metal effect stitching.  Three ply FS No.15 is decorative and inherently strong enough for general
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FS No. 20

FS No.20 The soft metallic thread. An elegant, smooth and soft metallic thread made from a black rayon core wrapped by a fine metallised polyester
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FS No. 30

FS No.30 The first metallic thread that can be washed at 95° C / 203° F. A jewel in MADEIRA’s thread programme and a true speciality
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FS No. 40

FS No.40 Smooth and Supple Metallic Thread. Together with FS No. 50 and No. 35, FS No. 40 is a classic smooth, supple metallic thread, made
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FS No. 45

FS No.45 The Economical Excellent value for less money vested in the more economical aluminium coating, yet retaining the strong and durable construction of the thread.
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FS No. 50

FS No.50 The finest of all metallic embroidery threads The finest of all metallic embroidery threads. Smooth MADEIRA FS No. 50 is perfect for fine details
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SUPERTWIST No.30 Glittering reflexes and metallised effects. A sparkling, metallised textured thread in iridescent tones, dazzling jewel and opal shades, pastel crystal hues and magnificent multicolours.
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