FS No.12

The Determinator.

The world's most abrasion resistant sewing thread due to exclusive twist construction and special double-layer protection. Can be washed at 95°C (203°F) using heavy-duty detergents containing chlorine or peroxide as used in industrial laundry. This hard-wearing thread is perfectly suitable for problem free sewing on extremely stressed material such as innovative functional textiles in equipment and outifts for the sports and outdoor apparel industry. Pure silver coating grants unique classical richness to surface decoration on fashion wear and accessories.

Care Instructions

Wash at 95°CBleaching allowedTumble drying (low temperature)Iron at low temperatureGentle cleaning with PCE
Aktivchlor: max 20g/l - max. 30°C - max. 30min

10 x 1200m (Cone)

  • Art. No. 999
  • dtex 830     den 750
  • 50% metallised polyester 50% polyester
  • 7 colors

Needle Recommendations:

  • FS 12
  • 100/16 - 110/18