FS No.8

The Accentuator.

This five-ply sewing thread is 50% thicker than FS No.12 and features the same first-rate fastness and durability. FS No.8 accentuates decorative stitching and surface designs with a rich and genuine metallic look. Optimum sewing properties produce accurate seams on leather, shoes, jackets, bags and belts. Resistance to denim-wash make it first choice for decorative sewing on denim fashion wear.

Care Instructions

Wash at 95°CBleaching allowedTumble drying (low temperature)Iron at low temperatureGentle cleaning with PCE
Aktivchlor: max 20g/l - max. 30°C - max. 30min

10 x 800m (Cone)

  • Art. No. 998
  • dtex 1400     den 1250
  • 50% metallised polyester 50% polyester
  • 7 colors

Needle Recommendations:

  • FS 8
  • 120/20 - 130/22