Madeira 3D foam Material

The perfect solution to create raised embroideries.

How to use it:
Pic.1: Pre-embroider help lines to assist placement of the BODYBUILDER cut pieces
Pic.2: Lay BODYBUILDER on top. If necessary, for example on caps, use the temporary spray MSA1100 to fix it.
Pic.3: Embroider the full design
Pic.4:Take off the BODYBUILDER material. The excellent perforation of BODYBUILDER ensures easy removal of the remains, even from the letters

Important information:
• To fully cover the material, it is necessary to increase the stitch density for the 3D embroidery.
• After embroidering the help lines (pic. 1), a “STOP” should be programmed, so that the BODYBUILDER cut piece can be laid.
• The embroidery program of the BODYBUILDER logo (dst. format) is available free of charge from MADEIRA, for your own embroidery tests!

Special feature:
 BODYBUILDER HARD – A version made with stiffer material using 3-D embroidery to create more prominent edges!