Backings & Toppings

How do you know which backing to use on your embroidery when there are so many to choose from? Backing or topping is a vital consideration in the construction of embroidery and the massive variety on the market today is testament to the fact that the individual choice is the leading factor.

Even companies producing the same embroidery, on the same machine and with the same threads will swear by their own specific backing, which varies from company to company.

The constant research and testing by Madeira ensures their extensive range of backings and toppings meets all customer requirements. Whether the fabric is fine or dense, stable or stretchy, Madeira’s backing and topping range suits all and at competitive prices!

Non-woven backings are available in semi and multi directional tear-away or cut away, in weights from 30g to heavy 120g. A standard weight backing, like a standard thread weight is around 38-42g and more than one piece is normally used. A heavier weight will reduce the number of pieces required.

For more specialized work, fusible, and self adhesive peel away backings, heat and water dissolvable toppings and even heat seal film complete the range.

The Environment
Madeira has always been environmentally and ecologically friendly in thread production, processes and end product. Our backings are no exceptions as the ranges stocked are from suppliers that use the most environmentally sound processes and raw materials.